K&K Fermentation Crock Pots - Kerazo F2

Fermenting Crock Pots


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The K&K Fermentation Crock Pot are made in Germany.  You receive the Crock, Lid, 2 part Stones & a Manual with some recipes.

K&K Keramik brand of fermentation crock pot is well known for their attractive hand made pottery and rum pots. This pot is the  “From 2” style of fermentation crock. It is known as “Kerazo” in Europe. The Kerazo bulbous shaped pots are an old world style.  The carrying handles are molded into the sides of the fermentation crock pot.  

The  16L pot has a water reservoir in the top edge of the fermentation crock, a lid, 2 half round weight stones for easy removal and an instruction book with some recipes.


We double pack this fermentation crock to help resist breakage during shipping.

Make sauerkraut in a fermentation crock at home provides you with more nutrients than most store bought sauerkraut. Most store bought sauerkraut is pasteurized to kill any bacteria that may have entered the jar, bag, or can during the packaging process.  Pasteurization kills the live, beneficial bacteria you need and want.  Making pickles and sauerkraut in a fermentation crock does not need to be pasteurized if you have added salt to the cabbage and use a clean jar for storage.

For many generations, sauerkraut has been known to be one of the healthiest foods for digestion. It was eaten on sailing ships to protect sailors from getting scurvy. The lactic acid fermenting process is one of the oldest preserving methods along with dehydration. The fermentation crock allows natural occurring, beneficial bacteria to ferment the vegetables and develop a pleasant sour taste while remaining rich in vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. This lactic acid fermenting process is the only food preservation method that retains all the natural plant ingredients while adding beneficial bacteria for your digestion. 


  • The fermentation crock comes with the pot, lid, 2 stone halves and an instruction manual with recipes.
  • It is made with a bulbous shape in Germany by hand from clay that has been fired to a high 1260° C (2300 F) temperature for strength.
  • The fermentation crock is glazed with a food safe, lead and cadmium free glaze on all surfaces except the bottom rims of the pot and the lid. Glaze is not put on the bottom of the lid or pot rims. Glaze sticks to the firing rack.
  • The deep water reservoir in the top rim allows excess gas to escape from the fermentation crock pot and it prevents oxygen from entering. Do not lift the lid of the fermentation crock for at least 3 weeks. You need to keep oxygen out of the fermentation crock for the sauerkraut to complete the process.
  • The 2 handles are molded into the side of the fermentation crock. They are made for a good grip when lifting.
  • K & K Kerazo fermentation crock body is formed from a single piece of clay with no seams.
  • This fermentation crock has a  speckled, earthen brown and copper coloring. It has a smooth and shiny finish.
  • The base is 0.6” (1.5cm) thick for strength and stability. The walls are approximately 0.4” thick.
  • Although  it is dishwasher safe, we recommend you wash all of the fermentation crock parts by hand. You can dry them in the oven or dry with towel. Put the pot (if it fits), the lid and stones in the over after you have baked something. Turn the burner off and let it cool with the door closed. Store the pot with the stones out and the lid off to prevent mold from growing.

Height is measured from the bottom to top of the lid.    

Diameter is from handle to handle.

 Weight is an empty pot including the stones and lid and not the shipping weight.

Click HERE to see the English instructions that come with all K&K fermenting pots.

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