Kidco Baby Food Mill Deluxe F810



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The KidCo Baby Food Mill Deluxe F810 comes with a Tote for taking it with on on outings. This food mill is made from BPA and Phthalate free plastic.


We no longer sell the KidCo Baby Food Mill F810 as of 4/5/17.


The KidCo baby food mill was originally designed by a pediatrician for ease of use, compactness and with a stainless steel cutting blade and stainless steel strainer.

It is the ideal food mill for pureeing soft raw foods like bananas, hard fruits like apples or cooked hard foods like carrots, sweet potatoes and peas. The food mill makes the texture of the foods a perfect puree for your baby.

Use the KidCo baby food mill any where you go. The tote keeps the food mill clean before eating and contains the mess after using the food mill. You store the uneaten food in the food mill until you are ready to clean it. Just snap the lid on the food mill over the handle to contain the uneaten food. The food mill tote zips closed and has a handy wrist strap for carrying it. The food mill tote is made from a nylon fabric making the food mill tote easy to wipe clean. The KidCo food mill tote has a mesh storage pocket for carrying a bib or 2 and a couple of serving spoons, which are not included with the food mill tote.

The non slip base prevents the food mill from slipping on any surface you use it on. The blue oval dots and the KidCo name on the food mill are also made of non slip material. This prevents your hand from slipping while you push down to grind the foods.

This manual KidCo food mill is easy to use. All you do is pull out the handle, strainer and food mill cutting blade. Put your ingredients in the food mill cylinder, put the blade, screen and handle back on the food mill then press down while your turn the food handle. The creamy pureed fruits, vegetables or meat comes out of the top, all ready for to eat. You push the food up through the cylinder while you turn the food mill handle. The ingredients are ground by the precision sharpened, stainless steel cutter blade and squished by the screen.

The top bowl of the food mill has an oval shape. The bowl on the top of the food mill doubles as a serving dish. This lid/serving bowl is shaped with an easy grip handle for holding while feeding your baby. The food mill is easy to grip while making the baby food and it make a great handle while feeding your baby. You can snap the lid on the food mill when you are done feeding your baby to keep the leftovers contained inside of the food mill.

All of the plastic parts the food mill is made of are approved by the FDA. The food mill will not chip, crack or break. 

All of the baby food mill parts are dishwasher safe.

You get with the KidCo Food mill:
The food mill body with 1 strainer screen,1 handle and 1 stainless steel cutting blade. 
(1) 4 oz. serving cup
(1) Snap on Lid
(1) Purple nylon tote with storage compartments.

You get a 1 year manufacturers warranty covering manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.