KidCo Baby Steps F5001 Food Mill and Feeding System



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The KidCo Baby Steps Food mill Feeding System F5001 has everything you need to make baby food at home or away from home. It includes an electric food mill and a hand food mill.  You also get a carrying case for the hand food mill plus a Feeding and storage kit described below.

The feeding and storage kit that comes with the food mill F5001 includes a spoon and a spoon slip cover case, a 3 section plate with a seal tight lid and 2 ice cube like freezer trays each with their own tight fitting lids.

This KidCo food mill feeding system comes with an electric food mill for pureeing at home. This electric food mill also comes with a blending attachment for mixing foods together. This electric food mill is handy for making humans, guacamole, whipping eggs and other creamy or pureed foods. With the cutting blade on the food mill you can chop dry herbs and other foods that you would put in a food processor, but in a smaller amount.

The KidCo Feeding System electric food mill bowl holds up to 2 cups of ingredients. The non skid bottom hold the electric food mill in place while you operate it. The motor operates with the press of a button you can pulse it or hold it down.  The food mill motor turns off when you let go of the button.

The hand operated food mill operates by inserting the food into the food mill, put the handle with the blade and screen on the top of the food mill and press down with one hand while turning the handle with the other.  You control the pressure of the food mill and how fast the food goes through the screen and blade. The body and bottom of the hand food mill has blue non skid pads to prevent the food mill from slipping on the countertop and to prevent your hand from slipping down the food mill.

Use the food mill freezer trays to store left over or excess foods you make. Each of the freezer trays have seven compartments that holds up to 2 oz. Both of the freezer trays have their own air tight lids. You can make extra of your recipes and freeze some for future meals.

The 3 section dish has a lid that seals each compartment tightly to prevent items from spilling into the other compartment. The spoon has its own slip on case.

The KidCo Food mill F5001 Feeding system Includes:

A guide book on how to use the 2 food mill machines. The food mill guide book includes sample recipes.

A hand food mill including the stainless steel strainer, blade and top cover / feeding cup.

An electric motorized food mill with a 2 cup milling bowl.

A carrying case for the hand food mill.

A spoon with a storage case to keep the spoon clean.

2 freezer Trays with tight fitting lids.

A feeding dish that has 3 sections dish and a tight fitting lid.

All of the plastic parts included in the KidCo Feeding System Food mill are dishwasher safe except the electric food mill motor/housing.

All of the items included in the KidCo Baby Steps Food mill Feeding System F5001 are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty to be free of any manufacturing defects.

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