KidCo Baby Steps Food Mill F710



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The KidCo Baby Steps Food mill model F710 is pediatrician designed and mother approved.  It makes the perfect pureed foods for your baby and the food mill is easy to use.

As of 3/22/17 we no longer carry the KidCo F710 Food Mill.

All of the food mill plastic parts are BPA and Phthalate Free and meet all of the FDA specifications for food preparations and serving. The handle, strainer and cutting blade slide on to a hexagon shaft and are held onto the shaft with a nut on the top of the handle.

This KidCo F710 baby food mill has a non slip base as seen by the blue line on the base of the food mill in the picture. The food mill also has non slip blue dots on the hand grip so your hand will not slip while using the food mill.

The strainer screen and cutting blade are made of surgical stainless steel for strength and durability. The KidCo baby food mill will make smooth and creamy foods for your baby. It will puree apples and other soft fruits, cooked vegetables like potatoes, carrots and peas. The food mill will also puree fish and meats.

The compact design of the food mill is great for packing in the diaper bag or in a large purse. The food mill stores easily in a kitchen drawer or cabinet.

To use the food mill, remove the blade, strainer and handle from the baby food mill, fill the chamber with your ingredients, put the blade, screen and handle back on. Grip the center cylinder of the food mill and push down while you turn the handle. There is a cylinder inside of the food mill that will push the ingredients up while you push the food mill down. This forces the ingredients into the blade and screen, thus pureeing the ingredients into a consistent creamy texture perfect for your baby. 

This KidCo baby food mill model F710 comes with a snap on lid. The lid is designed to seal the leftover food in the food mill to contain the leftovers. Plus the KidCo food mill lid can be used as a feeding dish. The lid has an easy to grip handle on the top. This handle make it easy to put the lid back on the food mill for storage.

All of the nylon parts on the food mill will not crack, chip, or crack.

Every part of the food mill is dishwasher safe.

The food mill includes a 2 page parts, assembly and use manual with a diagram of the parts and who to assemble the food mill and how to use it.

The KidCo Food mill F710 has a 1 year manufacturers warranty to be free of manufacturing defects for the date of purchase.

KidCo started manufacturing the basic food mill in 2001. In 2005 they introduced the Baby Steps line of food mill products. Over time the have improved them until now you can have the best food mill for home and travel use. KidCo's food mill products are high quality, durable. All of the KidCo Baby Steps food mill products are made from food safe plastic that contains no BPA or Phthalate.

This food mill model F710 is the basic model with no added items, you can also look at and purchase the other KidCo food mill Baby Steps line by clicking here.