Kuvings C7000 Elite Slow Juicer



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The ultra efficient Kuvings Whole Slow Cold Press Juicer ELITE features technology that extracts the maximum juice from fruits and vegetables while preserving the maximum amount of nutrients. You can make nut milks with nuts that have been soaked over night.
Improvement include:
  • A better Juicing System 
  • More yield as a result of a new auger design
  • No Silicone plug on the bottom of the bowl
  • Includes Funnel on the hopper/feed tube
  • Includes Juice Strainer for juice cup
  • New, slimmer body design
  • Chrome Juice Cap
It's extra-wide 3 inch feeding chute allows for whole foods to be juiced with little to no preparation.
The included hopper attachment makes it easier to put small item like blueberries in the juicer. 
The blank strainer turns the juicer into a sorbet maker which will also make baby food and hummus.
  • 3 inch wide feed chute.
  • Removable Juicing strainer
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Heavy-duty motor for juicing whole fruits and vegetables.
  • The low-speed gear reduction motor operates quietly and keeps the vibration level at its minimum.
  • All parts are easily disassembled for cleaning.


  • Juice tap that hold the juice in during juicing to mix the juice and can be opened any time you want to release the juice.
  • Blank for making frozen desserts and pureed foods.
  • 3 special cleaning tools for easy clean up.
  • Hopper to make it easy to fill the chute with small items like blueberries.
  • Large juice collection cup with a removable pulp strainer.
  • The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Recipe Book
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Measures 9 X 8 X 17.5 (H) Inches

Weights 16 lbs.

240W / 110V

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