Lexen Electric Juicer



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The Lexen Electric Juicer  is a powerful masticating juice machine that crushes fruits and vegetables with out heating the juice.

The single auger of the Lexen Electric Juicer has a stainless steel shaft for strength and is made of non toxic polycarbonate plastic. The auger is made of plastic because it resists this acidity of most fruits and vegetables which can corrode and dissolve metal augers over time.

The Lexen Electric Juicer has all polycarbonate parts and a stainless steel drive shaft.

The Lexen Electric Juicer motor comes with a 50 year warranty. Yes, 50 years. This is not a typo.
1 year on all other parts.

No heat is generated in the juice by the Lexen Electric Juicer so all of the enzymes in fruits and vegetables are intact and preserved.

The Lexen Electric Juicer Features are:
An easy carry handle
On / Off / Reverse buttons are easy to use.
Motor 2.63 HP, 110 V,  60Hz
Auger turns at 76 RPM.  This is a slow speed to prevent heat build up in the juice
The Lexen Electric Juicer has overload protection.  The machine will shut off when it feels great resistance for more than 30 seconds. There is a reset button on the bottom of the machine.

What will the Lexen Elecrtic Juicer do:
Make Frozen Desserts, juice fruits, vegetables and leafy greens even wheagtgrass and herbs.
You can make Nut Butters from soft nuts like cashews, peanuts and walnuts.
It also homogenize making Baby Food, soy milk and more.
The Lexen Electric Juice extrudes pastas.  It will extrude 3 different shapes of pastas: Rigatoni (round tubes), Spaghetti and Linguini.

The Lexen Electric Juicer comes with 2 specially designed augers. One is for juicing wheatgrass, leafy greens and herbs. The other auger is for juicing fruits and vegetables. Not every juicer can juice wheatgrass, but the Lexen Electric Juicer can. The Wheatgrass auger is a green color and the fruit and vegetable auger is white.

The homogenize feature the Lexen Electric Juicer has will break down vegetables and fruits to a very smooth consistency. Great for making nut butters and baby food.

Choose juice with or without the pulp. The included sieve will remove all of the pulp. The sieve is easy to clean. It sets on top of the juice collection cup.

Attachments that come with the Lexen Juicer are:
wheatgrass auger (green)
fruit and vegetable auger (white)
Spaghetti pasta attachment
linguini pasta attachment
rigatoni pasta attachment
tamper (plastic)
juice cup (20 oz.)
pulp container
stainless steel sieve
wrench (for tightening the end cap)
recipe booklet

The Lexen Electric Juicer will not extract juice from very soft, low moisture  fruits and vegetables including bananas, soaked chick peas and avocados, but the  it will make a beautiful puree for baby food, guacamole and hummus.

Seeds will be expelled from the front of the Lexen Electric Juicer along with the waste pulp. (remove large seeds or large quantities of seeds to prevent clogging)

Made of high quality materials which will last a lifetime. Backed by a 50 Year motor warranty and 1 Year on parts from factory defects.

The Lexen Electric Juicer Measures:
15" long, 7" wide & 11" high.