Lexen Wheatgrass Healthy Juicer



The Lexen Healthy Juicer is efficient, rugged and best of all, easy to use and clean.  This manual Healthy juicer is the most economical wheatgrass juicing machine on the market. It is light weight and compact making it easy to take with you when you travel. The Healthy Juicer is a must have for RV travelers.

The Healthy Juicer is perfect for juicing leafy greens such as wheatgrass and kale and will juice soft fruits too (except bananas). The auger crushes instead of scraping like a centrifugal machine. It separates more juice from the fiber. The juice flows into a cup while the fibers exit separately.

The Healthy Juicer body is made from (Lexen) Polycarbonate plastic. The Healthy Juicer comes with a rubber suction cup base and a table top C-Clamp. The Lexen polycarbonate plastic is virtually indestructible.
All materials used in the Healthy Juicer are FDA approved and non-toxic.


The Healthy Juicer single auger is made from POM which is Polyoxymethylene and Stainless steel.  POM is an extremely strong plastic and BPA free. The end of the auger has a stainless steel end cap for even longer ware resistance.

7.5 inches h, 8.5 inches long
The handle is 8 inches long
Is 4.25 inches across the base

The pulp comes out very dry
The pulp exits from the End Cap (pulp collection bowl not included)

The Healthy Juicer Features
A large funnel for inserting the green, fruits and vegetables into the Healthy juicer
Comes with a suction cup mount for on a smooth surface
The Healthy Juicer also comes with a clamp mount
The Crank handle is easy to turn
It is compact, light weight and easy to store

End Cap
The Healthy Juicer End Cap on the auger is made of Stainless Steel because this is where the most force is exerted during the juicing process.

Easy to Clean

The Healthy Juicer disassembles easily for cleaning. Just wash the parts with soapy water and rinse well . No screens or cutting blades to clean and no cleaning brushes needed.

The Tamper/Wrench combo that comes with the Healthy Juicer helps you push the food into the auger. Turn it around and it is a wrench for attaching the suction cup to a smooth counter or table top.

Healthy Juicer Base
The patented suction base is rated to take over 100 lbs of force.
It securely attaches to any smooth surface like a kitchen counter or table.
Includes a corrosion free metal clamp for securing the Healthy Juicer to your counter top or table top that has an over hang.

End Cap
16 oz Juice Collection Cup
Crank Handle
Suction and Clamp Attachments

1 Year Healthy Juicer Manufacturers Warranty