Lick It! Vegan Ice Cream Cookbook



Enjoy homemade vegan ice cream with the recipes in this Lick It!  All of the recipes are dairy free and delicious.  Choose from sinfully delicious to healthy treat recipes. The taste and quality will match that of any ice cream parlor.

Lick It! includes more then 225 vegan ice cream and frozen desserts including sherberts, sorbets, sundaes, pies, cakes shakes and floats. You also get the recipes for toppings and sauces.  You can also enjoy low fat ice creams and frozen yogurts.  None of thee recipes use artificial sweeteners.

You choose how strong you want the flavor and how sweet you want each frozen dessert to be.  Make frozen desserts with traditional flavors or be adventures and use the recipes that include spices, herbs and liqueurs.

The author, Cathe Olson, offers expert tips and advice for making these frozen desserts and how to successfully use an ice-cream maker. Her knowledge of ingredients and methods will be a great asset to your success in making these frozen treats.  She includes a resource list.

Author Cathe Olson160 pagesPublished 2009