Miracle Commercial Citrus Juicer MJ500



Miracle Commercial Citrus Juicer MJ500 is an excellent heavy duty juicing machine. It is widely used in European restaurants and cafes. This commercial citrus juicer has  an elegant art deco style that will look great in any restaurant or juice bar.

This commercial citrus juicer will juice oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

All of this commercial citrus juicer parts that touch the fruit are made of stainless steel for sanitary purposes and will not rust.

This commercial citrus juicer uses a lever and centrifugal action to get the most juicer from you fruits as possible. All pulp is churned at 1500 rpm which forces out of the juice. It takes 5-10 seconds to juice half of a small grapefruit.  The commercial citrus juicer produces 7 gallons of juicer per hour. It will accommodate a 5 inch tall glass.

The juicing action is activated by pressing down on the top handle. A cover closes to prevent splashing and for safety.

The stainless steel perforated strainer in the commercial citrus juicer gives you maximum filtration. It removes pulp and seeds.  The strainer removes from the commercial citrus juicer for easy cleaning.

This commercial citrus juicer is NSF, CE and UL approved for restaurant use.

The MJ500 Commercial Citrus Juicer is imported from France.
Dimensions: 12 Deep x 8 Wide x 15 High inches
Motor is 115 V, 60Hz, 260 Watt, 4 Amps, 1500 RPM
The Miracle MJ500 Commercial Citrus Juicer has a 1 Year Warranty

There may be times when there is a delay in delivery on this commercial citrus juicer as it is manufactured in France. Call us at 866-730-2413 to see the availability of this commercial citrus juicer.

Shipping on the Miracle MJ550 commercial citrus juicer is by FedEx Ground shipping to the lower 48 States. Free shipping does not apply to other products purchased unless they also have free shipping. The purchase of more than 1 of these commercial citrus juicer machines may result in a different shipping method.

Who doesn’t love refreshing citrus juice in the summer heat? At Veggie Sensations, we offer Miracle Commercial Citrus Juicer MJ500 for sale. Ideal for restaurants and cafes, this robust juicer simplifies the process of extracting citrus juice.

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