Miracle Herb and Coffee Grinder 250 Stainless Steel



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This Miracle herb and coffee grinder model 250 has a stainless steel grinding bowl, blade and exterior with black plastic trim. It has a classic modern look that will gool great in any kitchen. The lid is clear plastic so you can see inside the coffee grinder as it works. 

This coffee grinder will grind coffee, wheat, flax and other low oil seeds including chia seeds.

The coffee grinder motor operates with 120 Watts.

It has a safety switch and will not operate unless the lid is in place.

The coffee grinder offers consistent and even grinding. Just fill the coffee grinder, put on the lid and press the button.  It automatically turns off when you let go.

It gets the job done quickly and the coffee grinder is easy to clean. Just wipe the coffee grinder bowl and blade with a damp cloth. Odors from the previous item you ground in the coffee grinder will not transfer to the next.

The coffee grinder is a compact size and does not take up much space in your cupboard.

The electric cord stores in the base of the coffee grinder.

This coffee grinder will grind coffee beans, wheat, dry spices and herbs and dry seeds including chia sesame, flax, poppy and more.

The coffee grinder comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.