Miracle Mill Electric ME300



Why would you choose to buy the Electric Miracle Mill ME300?

The Miracle Mill ME300  is a well built grain grinding machine, the milling burs are made from stainless steel and it operates quietly.

You can grind oily seeds and dry grains with the Miracle Mill. Some of the items you can grind with this milling machine are poppy seeds, linseed seeds, oats, wheat, rye and many more grains and seeds. The Miracle Mill will also grind hard grains, dry herbs and beans like soybeans.

The Miracle Mill will make gluten free baking easy. You have the ability to grind a large variety of grains for all of your baking jobs with the Miracle Mill. In addition to saving money and the connivance of having fresh flour when you want it,  fresh ground flour costs less than store bought flour and it is more nutritious.

The Miracle Mill ME300 is an easy machine to use and the Miracle Mill is easy to clean.

To operate the Miracle Mill just choose one of the 16 settings It has to offer.  The Miracle Mill can be adjusted from fine to coarse. The Miracle Mill also allows you to change the texture settings while the Miracle Mill is running. The Miracle Mill will grind corn to a very fine texture for corn bread and you can set the Miracle Mill to a coarse setting fro making crack wheat brads.  With practice you will soon learn how coarse or fine your want the Miracle Mill set to achieve the end result for each grain you choose to grind. 

The Miracle Mill will grind about 1 cup of flour per minute on the fine setting and it will grind about 2 cups of flour per minute on the course setting. The Miracle Mill is not the fastest grain milling machine available, but it will not heat your flour which will destroy live enzymes and the Miracle Mill will not make a mess in your kitchen. The flour the Miracle Mill makes is deposited in bowl of your choice gently because it does not produce the flour quickly.  Also, because the Miracle Mill operates slowly it is a quieter machine than faster grain mills.

The electrical cord conveniently stores in side the base of the Miracle Mill for easy and mess free storage.

The Miracle Mill housing is made of 100% nylon and is very durable.

The grinding burrs in the Miracle Mill are high quality stainless steel and will not rust.

You can run peanuts through the Miracle Mill, but you will not get a creamy nut butter.  It will come out of the Miracle Mill chunky.

The 200 Watt motor in the Miracle Mill turns at 100RPM. The Miracle Mill is a powerful machine.

The Miracle Mill comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty when use in a home setting. This warranty does not cover the Miracle Mill if it is use for commercial purposes.

The Miracle Mill measures 10 inches high x 6 inches long x 6 inches wide.  At this size, it fits on your kitchen counter top under your top kitchen cabinets.

The Miracle Mill ME300 has rubber feet to prevent the machine from traveling on your counter top.

The Miracle Mill ME300 comes in white with a smoky, semi-clear grain hopper.