More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally - Vegan



Make dairy free desserts like Super Fudge Low-Fat Brownies, Cobblers, Shortcakes, Bunt Cakes, Cookies, Sorbets, Pies, Pie Crusts, Cakes and more. Including fruits, chocolate, coconut and other natural ingredients.

This dairy free desserts book teach you how to bake a wide variety of desserts that are flakey, light, fluffy, moist and perfect with out any dairy products (totally vegan).

Fran Costigan, author of the More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally cookbook, is a pastry chef extraordinaire.  While at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Artsin in New York, she developed the Natural Pastry Arts Intensive program.  She offers many techniques and tips that will help you achieve success with your dairy free desserts.

She includes in this book nearly a complete lesson in baking that will suite all readers cooking abilities.

Besides the dairy free desserts mentioned above, she also teaches you how to make superb frostings, gels, glazes, puddings, creams, and sauces; as well as crisps, muffins, biscuits, frozen desserts, beverages & other confections.

Fran emphasizes minimally processed, natural and organic ingredients that are dairy and free cholesterol free.

Everyone will enjoy these recipes regardless whether they want to avoid milk, eggs, trans fats or not. The healthy ingredients used in these recipes will benefit everyone and enjoy the taste, and texture too.

224 Pages

Published 2006