Nesco 6 Quart Pressure Cooker PC6-14



Nesco PC6-14 Electric Pressure Cooker

This Nesco 6 quart pressure cooker is attractive and will look great in any kitchen.

You will quickly learn this pressure cooker is more versatile than just a pressure cooker.  You can use it as a pressure cooker for cooking meats, beans and vegetables, use it as a steamer, a slow cooker and a rice cooker all in one convenient machine.

This pressure cooker is amazing.  This 4 in 1 pressure cooker preset settings for browning foods to get a brown crust on before you cook it, a stay warm setting and high & low settings.  You can use the keep warm function for warming foods by setting the keep warm function on manually. This is a great function of the pressure cooker for keeping foods warm during your buffet and holiday parties. You can set the keep setting to keep the food warm when the pressure cooker is done cooking.

The Nesco pressure cooker can not be opened as long as there is pressure inside. This is an important safety feature of this pressure cooker.

The seal on the pressure cooker closes the lid tightly while cooking and can not be opened until the pressure has decreased to a safe level. The boiling point of the water or broth inside the pressure cooker increases as the pressure increases. This increase in pressure causes the cooking liquid to reach a higher temperature before it can reach a boiling point. This increase in pressure in the pressure cooker reduces the cooking time by as much as 70 percent. The cooking liquid inside the pressure cooker helps the food to remain moist.

This electric pressure cooker has programmable and preset functions. You can also set the pressure cooker to turn on with up to an eight hour delay. This delay start time helps you get the timing just right so dinner will be ready when you get home and not 2 hours before you get home.

The hinged pressure cooker lid has a self locking mechanism when pressure inside the pressure cooker begins to increase. Plus the pressure cooker lid fits tightly for transporting your food to potlucks and parties.

The non-stick pressure cooker bowl is removable for easy cleaning.

The Nesco 6 cup pressure cooker comes with 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Nesco PC6-14 Pressure cooker Specifications:

6 Quart (5.67 liters) dishwasher safe pressure cooker bowl has a non stick coating for easy clean up.

You can set the pressure cooker to a gentle 5 PSI on the low setting and a quicker cooking 10 PSI on the high setting for cooking meats and beans.

This pressure cooker has an automatic pressure release feature.

The hinged lid removes from the pressure cooker for easy cleaning.

The Nesco 6 cup electric pressure cooker operates with 1000 watts of power.

The LED display and soft touch buttons on the pressure control panel are easy to read and use.

Choose from 9 preset functions and the pressure cooker has keep warm settings.

The beautiful brushed stainless steel exterior and stay cool lid and handles make this pressure cooker attractive in any kitchen.

The power cord removes from the pressure cooker for easy storage.

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