Nesco Dehydrator FD-77DT with 4 Trays and Timer



The Nesco®/American Harvest® FD-77DT is an outstanding 4 tray food dehydrator.  This Nesco Dehydrator has a powerful 600 watts of drying power to dry food in hours. This Nesco Dehydrator has an auto shut off timer that can be set up to 24 hours.

The Patented Nesco Dehydrator Converga-Flow drying system forces air down the exterior chamber that is pressurized and not through the trays. This provides even heat distribution horizontally across each individual tray. The air converges in the core for fast and even drying. There is no need to rotate trays and the flavors of the food will not mix.

The Nesco dehydrator adjustable thermostat can be set between 95-160 degrees.  This temperature range makes it possible to dry different foods at a temperature that is safe for each kind of food. The low temperature range is ideas for raw foodies.  Temperatures below 115 are ideal for drying fruits and vegetables to keep them in their raw state.

The top mounted fan on the Nesco dehydrator prevents liquids from dripping into the heating chamber!

This Nesco dehydrator comes with four trays. It can expand up to 12 trays high with the purchase of additional trays. The Nesco dehydrator automatically adjusts the air pressure to the number of trays.

The Nesco Dehydrator Model FD-77DT trays measure 13.5" in diameter.

This Nesco Dehydrator Model Includes:
1 Clean-a-Screen
1 Fruit Roll Sheet
1 Original Nesco Dehydrator Jerky Spice flavor and 1 cure pack (Vegan)

Dextrose, sugar, salt, spices, natural smoke flavor, hydrolized soy protein, monosodium glutamate, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, less than 2% of caramel color, silicon dioxide (anticaking), calcium silicate (anticaking).  
Salt, sodium nitrite (0.62%).
Contains: Soy
Notes: This panel is derived using 1 - 20g seasoning packet with 11.34g of cure into 1 lb protein producing about 8 - 1 oz servings of dried jerky.

This Nesco Dehydrator ships for a flat shipping fee of $12.99 to the lower 48 continental US states.

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