Nesco Jet Stream JS-5000T Oven, 2nd Generation w/Timer



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This Nesco Jet Stream Oven JS-5000T is the 2nd Generation model of Nesco Jet Stream Ovens.

As of 4/18/17, we no long carry the Nesco Jet Stream Oven. Click HERE to see our selection of steam cookers.

This Nesco Jet Stream oven cooks with superb quality. It cooks as fast as a microwave oven, up  2 times faster than a convection oven and up to 3 times faster than a conventional oven. This Nesco Jet Stream oven produces a superior taste and food quality while keeping your food tender and moist. The Nesco Jet Stream oven cooks quickly with out using microwaves.

This Nesco Jet Stream oven has a patented cyclonic cooking system. It roasts, broils, grills and air fries foods.  This unique Nesco system makes meats brown and while remaining tender with out drying out. You can also steam and and bake foods with the Nesco Jet Stream oven. You will have wonderful, fresh cooked vegetables and fluffy baked goods cooked to perfection while following the instructions in the Nesco manual.

The non stick cooking pan is BPA free and easy to clean. The Nesco Jet Stream is perfect for making soup, one pot meals, cakes and so much more.

The Nesco JS-5000T digital keypad is very user friendly. It is easy to set the convection fan speed, cooking temperature & cooking time. You can program the timer to run up to 99 minutes. The Nesco oven will automatically shut off the oven with the auto shut off feature. The auto shut off is a great safety feature.

The Nesco Jet Stream 2 oven can be set to a temperature range between 200° to 400° F. It is not necessary for a temperature over 400 degrees when using the Jet Stream oven because of the patented Jet Stream cooking system.

The Nesco Jet Stream 2 Oven Includes:

  • 1 Nesco Cooking Rack
  • 1 Nesco Non-Stick Baking Plate
  • Jet Stream glass lid
  • 1 Liner Pan
  • A Nesco Jet Stream Owners Manual

Nesco Jet Stream Oven Features:

  • The Nesco Oven operates with 1250 Watts Power.
  • The 6 in 1 Cooking System will Bake, Roast, Grill, Broil, Steam & Air Fry, all with the Nesco Patented Cyclonic cooking System.
  • The Nesco Jet Stream Oven cooks as fast as a Microwave with superior Quality and Taste, but with out microwaves.
  • Nesco has designed the digital keypad to be user friendly.
  • The programmable timer on the Nesco Oven can be set to run up To 99 Minutes. It will automatically turn off when the time you set is up.
  • The temperature range is between 200 -400 degrees F with no need for a temperature above 400 degrees with this Nesco Oven.
  • Nesco uses a powerful halogen element and an efficient convection fan.
  • The included cooking rack can be adjusted to 2 height levels.
  • The Nesco cooking pan is BPA Free.
  • The easy see through glass lid has a vent to let excess steam out.
  • You will receive a free Nesco ® Cook'n Recipe CD (an $80.00 Value).

Nesco Jet stream Manual

The Nesco Jet Stream owners manual includes a cooking guide for prepared convenient foods, meats, vegetables and baked goods with rack positions. Nesco has provided you with 20 recipes to get you started and to learn how the Nesco Oven works. The DVD that comes with the Nesco Oven is very helpful.

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