Nesco Snackmaster Express FD60



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What is a Snackmaster?  Snackmaster is a brand name of food dehydrator made by Nesco American Harvest Company.

We discontinued the Nesco FD60 Food Dehydrator 5/18/17. Click HERE to see our selection of Food Dehydrators.

The Nesco Snackmaster Express FD60 has a modern design that looks great in any kitchen.

With 500 watts of power the Snackmaster drys food quickly while retaining nutrient in the food. The Nesco Snackmaster will dry foods in hours not days.

The Snackmaster uses the Nesco Patented Converga-Flow drying system. This system forces air down the exterior walls of the pressurized dehydrator. Hot air is then forced horizontally across each of the Snackmaster trays for even and fast drying.

Adjust the Snackmaster thermostat between 95 - 160 degrees. You can adjust the drying temperature in the Snackmaster low enough dry with out destroying enzymes and nutrients. The Snackmaster is great for raw foodies.

The Snackmaster FD60 has a top mounted fan which prevents liquids from dripping into the fan/heating chamber.

You will have no flavor mixing and no need for rotate the trays of the Snackmaster FD60.

The Opaque exterior of the Snackmaster blocks light which destroys nutrients in the food.

The Snackmaster FD60 comes with 4 dehydrating trays and can be expanded to 12 trays. We offer the Snackmaster Add-A-Trays for expanding your Snackmaster up to 12 trays high.

The Snackmaster FD60 comes with 1 free fruit roll sheet and 2 free Original Jerky Spice Packs.

SnackMaster FD60 Summery
Snackmaster comes with 4 trays, 1 jelly roll sheet and 2 packages of Jerky Spice
Expands to 12 trays
Snackmaster Tray Dimensions: 13.50 inches
500 watt motor
Top mounted heating element and fan
Adjustable thermostat between 95 and 160
Opaque plastic to preserve nutrients
Horizontal air flow across the trays

Snackmaster, Converga-Flow and Vita-Save are registered trade marks of the Nesco American Harvest Company and are used with permission.