Nesco Square Dehydrator Digital FD-2000 6 Trays



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The Nesco Square Dehydrator FD-2000 has an innovative design.

As of 5/31/17 we discontinued selling the Nesco FD-2000 Food Dehydrator.  Click HERE to see our selection of food dehydrators.

This Nesco Square Dehydrator includes 6 trays, 6 mesh screens and 2 expansion trays. The mesh screens help to dry herbs and small items and the expansion trays leaves more space between 2 trays for drying tall items.

The trays and expansion trays are made of a BPA free, durable ABS material. Each of the Nesco square dehydrator trays have more than 1.25 sq feet of drying space. The mesh clean-a-screens are made of a flexible BPA free plastic. The Nesco square dehydrator lid is also ABS plastic and BPA free.

The Nesco square dehydrator operates with 530 watts of power for maximum drying speed. The Nesco square dehydrator produces the best environment for drying fruits, vegetables, beef jerky and crafts in hours.

The large digital dials and LED display on the Nesco square dehydrator makes it easy to adjust the temperature and time desired. You can set this Nesco square dehydrator between 95 and 160° F.

The Nesco square dehydrator has an auto shut off feature.  You set it between 1 and 24 hours and it will turn the Nesco square dehydrator off when the time is up. The time display tells you how much drying time is left while the LED timer indicate the percentage of time left. This feature is unique to the Nesco Square Dehydrator FD-2000.

The included air filter is located in the back of the Nesco square dehydrator.  It is easy to periodically clean. This prevents dust and particles from entering the Nesco square dehydrator while in operation.

The Nesco Square Dehydrator Includes:

Square Shape for more drying space
530 Watt motor
Easy to read display and easy time & temperature settings
Set thermostat between 95-160° F
Auto shut off timer
6 Trays with 6 mesh screens
2 Trays expansion inserts
An air filter designed for the Nesco square dehydrator

Measure16 x 11 x 16 inches

1 Year manufacture warranty

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