Omega Juicer Screen PSRN83456 for 8003-8006 FITS #2 Drum ONLY



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IMPORTANT!  Omega redesigned the Omega Juicer Screen and Drum September 2015. This Screen is larger and stronger than the old version. This screen will NOT fit an Omega Juicer drum that does not have a number 2 on the back of it. This screen fits the next generation Omega Drum with a #2 on the back. If you have an Omega 8003, 8004, 8005 or 8006 juicer with a Drum that has no number on the back, you will need to purchase both this screen and a #2 drum. This screen will have a number on the side of it as seen in the red box in the picture and requires a drum with a number 2 on the back.

The Juicer Screen has a 2 stage screening system.  The first juicing stage is made of the strong GE Ultem plastic with holes for removing large pieces of pulp.  The second stage is a stainless steel cylinder at the end of the Omega juicer screen.   The gasket inside the end of the second stage screen is included and is not removable.

All materials used in the Omega Juicer Screen are food safe, BPA free, GE Ultem plastic and stainless steel.