Omega Juicer Auger White Plastic for 8003 & 8005



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This Omega Juicer Auger comes standard with the 8003 and 8005 models. This Omega Juicer Auger also fits the 8004 and 8006 Omega Juicer models.

This white Omega Juicer Auger is made of white plastic and is not as strong as the BLACK GE Ultem Omega Juicer Auger.

The white Omega Jicer Auger is not as strong of plastic as the black.  The Black Omega Juicer Auger that comes with the 8004 and 8006 models is made of GE Ultem plastic which is an 8 times harder plastic than the white Omega Juicer auger.

Both the white and black Omega Juicer auger parts are interchangeable in all of the Omega 8003, 8004, 8005 and 8006 models.

One Omega Juicer Auger will ship via USPS.  We can ship 1 to a PO Box address.  You can add a screen or blank to your Omega Juicer Auger order and we can ship via USPS and to a PO Box address, but, if several parts are ordered at the same time and shipping to the same address may have to ship via FedEx and will require a physical address.

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