Omega Juicer Cover for Model 1000 White



Omega changed the shape of the feed hole from a rectangle to a B shape.  They no longer make the rectangular shaped plunger. If you have a lid with a rectangular hole and need a new plunger you will have to buy a new plunger and a new Omega juicer cover.

This Omega juicer cover fits model number 1000. It is made by the Omega Company. This Omega juicer cover also fits the Juice Factory 2000 centrifugal machine.

This Omega juicer cover has a hole shaped like a capital B. 

This lid will fit on the old model 1000 that originally has a rectangular hole, but the old rectangular plunger will not fit this cover.

We recommend you also purchase a new plunger to fit this lid.

The old Omega juicer cover with the rectangular hole and plunger have been discontinued by Omega.