Omega Juicer #2 Drum PDRM83456 for Models 8003-8006



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This Omega 8003, 8004, 8005 & 8006 Juicer Drum is a second generation Omega replacement drum. Omega redesigned the drum. The drum is now longer than those manufactured before September 2015.This drum  has a number 2 on the back of it as seen in the picture below. The number is in the red box. 

Omega is no longer making the old style of drum with out a number on the back of it and they are no longer making the screen with out a number 2 on the side of it.  If you are replacing the drum when you have a screen with no number on the side, you will have to replace the screen too. This drum is not compatible with a screen that does not have a number on the side. 

We sell the screen separately and we sell the drum and screen as a combo pack.

The Omega Juicer drum is made from GE Ultem plastic which is 8 times stronger than other plastics.  This Omega Juicer drum is BPA Free.

The Omega Juicer Drum is made of a through smoky plastic. The picture portrays it in a lighter color than it comes in.

This Omega Juicer Drum is manufactured in South Korea by Omega.

The purchase of one Omega Juicer Drum will ship via USPS and can be shipped to a PO Box address.  If you order an Omega juicer screen too, they both will ship via USPS.