Omega Juicer Plunger for 1000 and 9000 Models



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This Omega juicer plunger is shaped like a capital B which fits the latest versions of the models 1000 and 9000. It has a flat side and a dented in the other side as seen in the picture. It will NOT fit into a lid with a rectangular or oval hole.

This Omega juicer plunger is made by Omega and is an original replacement part. It fits the Omega Centrifugal models 1000 and 9000 Juicers. It will also fit into the current 4000 model, but it will not fit snugly. 

It may come in black or green depending on what is in stock, but, we usually have it in green. We will fill orders with the black one if the green is out of stock. Both the black and green plungers are manufactured by Omega.

It does NOT fit the Olympic or Galaxy brands even though Omega took those brands over many years ago.