Omega Juicer Sieve for 8003 & 8005 Models



This rectangular juicer sieve fits the Omega models 8003 - 8005 juice collection cups.

This  juicer sieve is the same size and shape as the juice collection bowl for models 8003 & 8005.

Even though the 8004 & 8006 models juice collection bowls are a different shape, 3 sides of the 8004 & 8006 collection bowls are the same length as this juicer sieve.  So this juicer sieve will fit all of the 8003-8006 models juice collection bowls.

This Juicer sieve strains all of the pulp from the juice.

The juicer sieve has a plastic frame and a fine stainless steel mesh screen.

The juicer sieve can be cleaned with a nylon brush and running water.