Omega Vert VRT 400HD Juicer with Juice Tap



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What is a juice tap on the Omega Vrt VRT 400HDS Juicer? The juice tap on the Omega Vert Juicer is a cap that you can open and close.  When it is closed the juice stay in the Omega Vert juicer.  Keep it closed while juicing then open it to let the juice pour into your glass.

The Omega Vert VRT 400HDS comes in silver or cinnamon red. The Omega Vert crushes the juice from fruits and vegetables including wheatgrass and leafy greens at a slow 80RPM speed.

What kind of juicer is the Omega Vert 400HDS? It is a vertical masticating slow juicer with a vert strong Ultem auger and Ultem fine screen. This juicer is just like the Omega VRT350HD Juicer except the Omega Vert 400HDS  has the Juicer Tap & Mixing feature which helps with cleaning. The Omega Vert 300, Omega Vert 350HDW and Omega Vert 350HD do not have the juice tap feature.

The Omega Vert juicers vertically auger design is compact with a small foot print and a contemporary look.

Because of the slow 80 RPM operation of the Omega Vert auger, the juice your Omega Vert produces can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours with out loosing any nutritional value.

Juice Tap & Mixing Feature:
The Omega Vert Juicer Tap & Mixing Function is a cap on the end of the spout.  When the tap is closed it holds the juice in the Omega Vert collection bowl until you open it. It is perfect for juicing a variety of fruits or vegetables. The Omega Vert 400HDS mixes the juices to combine the flavors.   When you are done juicing and mixing, open the tap and let the juice pours into a glass ready to drink.

Auto Clean Feature:
By closing the Omega Vert tap while juicing, the screen remains free of pulp during the juicing process. This increases the Omega Vert VRT 400HDS efficiency and makes cleaning up even easier.

To clean the Omega Vert, close the juice tap, pour water down the Omega Vert chute while the Omega Vert is running.  After several turns of the basket, open the tap to let the water out. The silicone wiping blades inside the Omega Vert bowl cleans the bowl for you.  You can repeat this process until the water exits the Omega Vert is clear.

Feed Chute:
The Omega Vert large chute allows larger fruits and vegetables to fit through and requires less slicing of your produce.

Omega Vert Motor:
All Omega Vert VRT juicers operate at a slow 80 RPM with a 2 hp motor and 150 watts, U.S.household 120V/60Hz

Weight 13 pounds
Measurements: 7 W x 8.5 D x 15.5” H inches

Omega Vert 400HS Special Features:
BPA Free juicing parts
Mixing Juice Tap
Auto Clean System
Can Juice Wheatgrass

Omega Vert VRT400HDS Color:
The Omega Vert VRT400HDS comes in your choice of silver with black accents or cinnamon red with black accents.

Included with the Omega Vert VRT 400 HD:
Ultem BPA free fine screen
2 pulp outlet plugs
2 (60 oz) collection cups with handle and measuring marking on the side.
Food Tamper
Cleaning Brush
Omega VRT 400HDS_manual.pdf  Allow 10-20 seconds to open.

Omega VRT 400HDS Warranty:
The Omega Vert 400HDS  has a 15 year warranty on the motor. (The Omega Vert 330, 330HD and Omega Vert 350HD all have a 10 year warranty on the motor).

The warranty is 15 years on the motor and 1 year on all other parts including the screen.

The Omega Vert 400HDS is approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for household use.

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