Omega VRT 350HDW



The Omega VRT 350 HDW is an up right, single auger, slow juicer which operates very quietly.

Your leafy greens (including wheatgrss), fruits, vegetables and even soaked soybeans will be crushed and squeezed by the Omega VRT  350HDW. This slow crushing action reduces heat in your juice.  You can be kept the juice in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours.

The Omega VRT 350HDW has BPA Free parts.

UL Approved
Approved for Household and Commercial use.

10 Year Warranty on the motor and parts.

1 fine screen made from GE Ultem plastic and stainless steel

2 pulp ejection plugs (1 is a spare)

Screen cleaning brush

Two 60 oz. collection cups with handles and measurement markings


Omega VRT owners manual

Dimensions 7" W x 8.5" D x 15.5" H

Omega VRT machines do not have a carrying handle

The Omega VRT has a 2 HP Condenser Commercial Motor, 150 Watts, 120V/60Hz V

The Omega VRT 350HDW Auger is made from the very strong GE Ultem plastic. The auger turns at a very slow 80 RPM.

The difference between the Omega VRT 330 and this Omega VRT 350HDW is the Omega VRT 350HDW strainer/screen is made from GE Ultem plastic and the 330 is not. The Omega VRT 350HD is the same as the Omega VRT 350W except the 350HD comes in Silver with Black accents where the 350HDW comes in White. The Omega 400HDS has the inovative juice tap plug for mixing the juice while juicing. It also aids in easy cleaning which the other Omega VRT models do not have.

If for commercial use, we recommend either the Omega VRT 350HDW, POmega VRT 350HD or Omega VRT 400HDS models.

Omega VRT 350HDW Free Shipping via FedEx Ground when shipping within the lower 48 States. Free shipping does not apply to other items purchased unless they state free shipping.