Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Slicer Model A4982799



The Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Slicer Model: A4982799 is great for making thick and medium strands of vegetables like curly potatoes, squash, jicama and more!  This kitchen tool is a fun tool for those who like to eat raw food and those who like to create beautiful meals.

This innovative Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Slicer is practical and easy to use. Create uniform shreds and slices from most vegetables and fruits. Make vegetable noodles for salads and as a spaghetti substitute or slice vegetables for chips.

Put fruit or vegetable on the spikes, push the side handle towards the blade, when the food hits the blade, start turning the back handle while applying pressure with the side handle.  It is quick and easy.

The Paderno World Cuisine spiral slicer comes with 3 interchangeable blades including:
1/4 inch noodle blade (large)
1/8 inch noodle blade (small)
A straight blade for ribbon cuts

The spiral slicer cutting blades are made of stainless steel for a rust proof, sharp cut.

You can make thick and medium slices and strands from firm fruits like strawberries, soft and hard vegetables like zucchini and potatoes. Let your imagination go wild and slice other produce for a healthy and decorative meal.

The 4 suction cup feet create stability for safety.

The 21 spikes on the pusher hold the vegetables in place while turning.

The Paderno spiral slicer is easy to use, clean, and is compact and easy to store.

The spiral slicer measures 9.5" L x 5.5"  W x 8.25" H.

All of the spiral slicer parts are dishwasher safe.

1 year Manufacturers Warranty