Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit



We have discontinued the Perfect Picker. Click HERE to see our complete selection Fermenting Pots and related products.

Making pickles is now much simpler with this home fermenting kit. The Perfect Pickler transforms vegetables into fresh pickles – rich in pro-biotic nutrients – charged with enzymes all on your counter top.

Brine pickles are made at room temperature using raw vegetables and saltwater brine, which causes natural, spontaneous fermentation. Brine pickles are self-preserving and only need refrigeration after a few days of fermenting at comfortable room temperature. You will have pickles in 4 days and sauerkraut in 10 days. Store in the same jar. Once refrigerated, they will stay fresh for months.

  • No Special Culture Starter Required
  • Cultured Fermentation Enriches Vegetables
  • Simple to Understand, Easy to Use
  • Fits ½ Pint to 2 Quart Wide Mouth Jar
  • Quicker to Use Than Crock Fermentors
  • Unique Fermentation Air-Lock
  • Gasket Ring Activates Pickling action
  • Floating Brine Cup – Triple Action Simplicity

Kit includes a four-part lid assembly, ¼ pound premium sea salt, cook booklet with 25 recipes and a DVD to help guide you. It does not come with a jar.