Preserve It Naturally 4th Edition Dehydrator Book



The Preserve It Naturally book was created for the Excalibur brand dehydrators. It is a good resource book for all brands of food dehydrators with information on drying and cooking with fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, crafts and more. It is the Ultimate Book on Dehydrating!

This is the 3rd Edition of the Preserve it Naturally book. Has a Chapter on Living, Raw Foods. Includes recipes that include the product you have dehydrated. All photos are in color.

Preserve It Naturally is authored by the Excalibur dehydrator company.

Preserve It Naturally is an informative book on Food Dehydration is perfect for people who are just learning how to dehydrate foods and for the very experienced Drying Enthusiasts who wants more ideas and recipes.

You get great information on drying fruits, vegetables,  fish, meats, herbs, grains, nuts, dairy products, potpourri, crafts, dough art and much more in the Preserve It Naturally book.

Included in Preserve It Naturally are recipes for appetizers, salads, soups, side and main dishes, sauces, desserts, beverages,  trail mixes, snacks, breads, and more.

Now more pages than the 3rd edition at 192 pages in the Preserve It Naturally 4th edition.