Roma Deluxe Sauce Maker and Food Strainer DLX200P



The Roma Deluxe sauce maker and tomato strainer model DLX200P comes with a standard screen for straining tomatoes, making apple sauce and more. You also get the 4 piece accessory kit.  The kit includes 3 screens and a grape spiral. The Roma Deluxe extra screen include small, medium and large hole screens and a grape spiral.

The purpose of these extra screen for the Roma Deluxe are:

The Roma Deluxe small hole screen strains fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with small seeds. You can make juice, jams, jellies, pies and more with this Roma Deluxe screen. This Roma Deluxe screen has 3/64 inch holes.

The Roma Deluxe medium hole screen will puree squash and pumpkins. Use this screen for making baby food, pies and purees. This screen has 1/8 inch holes.

The Roma Deluxe large hole screen is for making chunky foods like salsas. This screen has 1/4 inch holes.

You also get the Roma Deluxe grape auger for removing the seeds and skins from grapes.  You can make jelly and juice with the grape auger.

All of the Roma Deluxe screens are made of stainless steel. The grape auger is food safe plastic.

The Roma Deluxe has a large hopper to hold almost 1 gallon of produce.

The Roma Deluxe Sauce Maker is easy to use. Fill the hopper with your desired produce and turn the handle.  The Roma Deluxe comes with a tamper to help you complete the job.

We offer an optional  Roma Deluxe motor for purchase to make the process go faster and easier.

The Roma Deluxe hand crank food strainer attaches to your smooth counter top with a heavy duty suction cup. You can also use the included c-clamp for clamping it to a table.

The Roma Deluxe measures 13" H x 7" L x 5" W

The crank handle inserts 1 inch into the body. It pulls out for storage. If you purchase the optional motor, the motor inserts into the same hole as the handle.

Weston Products LLC provides a 1 year warranty.