Roma Sauce Maker and Tomato Strainer



The Roma Sauce Maker / Tomato Strainer removes skin and seeds from vegetables soft fruits. The skin and seeds exits the end of the sauce maker and the tomato and berry pulp and juice exits the side of the sauce maker screen.

Every home canner needs a Roma Sauce Maker.

The sauce maker makes tomato puree, apple sauce, salsa, fresh juices, baby food,  jams and more.

Just turn the handle of the sauce maker while feeding fruits and vegetables into the hopper. It separates the puree from the skin and seeds.

Extremely handy when preserving and canning. It makes removing skin and seeds so easy and it saves you time.

The large hopper holds about 1 gallon.

The sauce maker handle is easy to turn.  You can purchase an optional motor to make your work even easier and faster.

Comes with one multipurpose screen for making apple sauce and straining tomatoes.  This screen is made of stainless steel. We also offer the optional accessories kit for purchase.  This kit includes a grape spiral and 3 screens.  These screens include small, medium and large hole screens.

Includes a suction cup mount for smooth surfaces and  a C-clamp for attaching to your countertop.

Includes a tamper for applying extra pressure when feeding foods into the sauce maker.

1 year warranty provided by Weston Products LLC and applies to the original purchaser.