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The Samson Food dehydrator SM-106B  is called the "Silent" Food dehydrator. It is an extremely quiet compared to other dehydrating machines.

It has a compact size which allows this food dehydrator to dry meats, vegetables and fruits on 6.5 square feet of space.  You can mix vegetables with fruits and dry them at one time. you can also dehydrate in the Samson food dehydrator trail mixes, crafts, flowers and much more. If you need more room in the food dehydrator to dry a tall projects, just remove trays from the food dehydrator.

This food dehydrator is designed for even air and heat flow with the powerful motor and fan.

The Samson "Silent" Food dehydrator has some unique features:

This food dehydrator is very quiet in comparison to other brands of food dehydrators on the market.

The controls are located on the front of the food dehydrator for easy use.

The 5 push button panel on this food dehydrator is easy to use and it has a digital LCD that makes this food dehydrator easy to use.  The 5 buttons include: Power on/off, temperature, increase, decrease, time and temperature. You can also increase or decrease the temperature by 9 degrees to set the temperature of the food dehydrator to want you. This food dehydrator has 8 preset settings. They are: Herbs, Flowers, Dough is 95℉, Yogurt is 104℉, Soft Vegetables is 113℉, Hard Vegetables is 122℉, Citrus Peel is 131℉, Fruit is  140℉, Fish is 149℉  and Meat Jerky, Fruit Rolls is 158℉.

You receive with the food dehydrator a quick reference chart for dehydrating more than 40 of the most popular items.

The Samson Food dehydrator is made of BPA free plastic including the trays and the mesh sheets.

The food dehydrator has an 8 setting temperature control that ranges from 95 to 158 degrees.

The timer can be set between 30 minutes and 19 hours and 30 minutes. Each press of the increase or decrease button will advance the setting on the food dehydrator by 30 minutes.

The 6 removable trays are easy to clean and can be left out of the food dehydrator for drying larger items.

The food dehydrator front door is made of clear plastic. You can see through it, plus, it is easy to remove from the food dehydrator.

The fan is on the back of the food dehydrator which provides consistent drying by blowing air across the food. The vent on the top provides even air flow.

The control panel is located on the front so you can keep the food dehydrator on your kitchen counter and have ease of use.

You receive with your Samson Food dehydrator:

A Samson food dehydrator machine - Black.

6 clear food dehydrator drying trays.

6 mesh insert liners for drying smaller items.

A removable plastic drip tray for catching crumbs.

A removable clear see through door.

A Samson Food dehydrator care and use manual.

A food quick reference chart for over 40 popular foods

Specifications of the food dehydrator:

Dimensions are 17.75 in. long x 13.5 in. wide x 12.5 in. high

Weighs 12.05 lbs

Each tray measures 13 in. x 12 in. and hold up to 1 lb per tray. The 6 BPA Free Trays have a to space of 6.5 square feet. There is 1 inch between each of the food dehydrator trays.

Operates with 120 VAC, 60Hz and 400 Watt

The power cord is 4 feet in length

All materials in the Samson Food dehydrator are BPA Free

The Samson Food Dehydratorn is UL Certified.

The food dehydrator comes with a 5 Year Samson warranty on the motor, fan, heater and control panel.

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