Samson Green Power Juicer KPE1304



The Green Power Juicer  is the ideal machine for the serious person interested in gaining good health.

The Twin gears in the Samson Green Power Juicer KPE1304 are superb at juicing wheatgrass and kale as well as fruits like kiwi & strawberries, and vegetables.  You can puree produce for baby food, frozen desserts, nut butters and it will grind grains and coffee beans too. Its ability to juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables is due to  the twin gears and adjustable pressure knob.

Green Power Juicer Bio-Ceramic Technology
The Samson Green Power juicer has bio-ceramic materials in the powerful magnets gears and juice collection bowl. This bic-ceramic technology produces juice with the maximum nutrients and not oxidization to your juice.  You can store the juice up to 72 hours in the refrigerator. It filters out harmful pesticides so you can juice whole food including the skin.
The twin gears do not touch each other so there is no friction to heat the juice. The Green Power Juicer crushes instead of cutting produce.

The Green Power Juicer Auger rotates 160 times per minute.

Green Power Juicer Motor
Has an automatic thermostat which prevents the motor from overheating.
1/3 HP Motor uses 150 watts of power

The Green Power Juicer KPE1304 takes just minutes to clean.

Sound output is only 60DB.

Normal hole screen for wheatgrass, leafy greens and vegetables.
Large hole screen for pulpy fruits
Crush Screen for soaked beans and grains
1 plastic tamper
1 wooden tamper
1 liter magnetized collection container
Spare end cap
Cleaning brush

Built in handle

Limited 10 year manufacturers warranty on parts and labor.

Dimensions: 16L x 7.5W x 12 H inches.

We also offer the Multi Purpose Attachment Kit for the Samson Green Power Juicer KPE1304. The Samson Green Power Juicer Attachment Kit includes a pulp free juice outlet and screen, a pasta outlets  and pasta gears.

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