Samson Green Power Juicer KPE1304 w/Attachments



The Samson Green Power KPE1304 twin gear vegetable juicer is a superb machine for making juices including Wheatgrass, carrot, Kale juices and more.

This twin gear vegetable juicer kPE1304 comes with the Multi Purpose Kit.

Samson Twin Gear Vegetable Juicer Multi-Purpose Attachment Functions are:
Makes less pulpy fruit and green juice
Removes seeds with out crushing them
Make green juice from stringy vegetables including wheatgrass and kale juice
Makes noodles and pasta, peanut, almond and cashew Butters, pureed Foods, Frozen desserts and more
Make green juice from herbs
Grinds grains, coffee and seeds

This Green Power KPE1304 Vegetable Juicer Kit Includes:
Screen for no pulp
Pasta Gear and Pasta outlets.

The vegetable juicer uses bio-ceramic materials and powerful magnets in its juice bowl and gears. This technology produces juice that will not loose nutrients and will not oxidize with in 72 hours.

The KPE1304 vegetable juicer filters out harmful pesticides so you can run whole foods through including the skin. This vegetable juicer crushes instead of cutting or shredding foods.

The vegetable juicer gears do not touch each other so there is no friction from the gears to heat the juice or pulp.

The adjustable pulp control caps allows a high level of juice to be extracted from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grasses and soaked grains and beans.

Because this vegetable juicer runs at 160 rpms it generates virtually no heat build up in the juice.

The automatic motor thermostat prevents theĀ  motor from overheating.

The fruit and vegetable juicer puts out a quiet 60DB of sound.

The Vegetable Juicer Includes
Multi-Purpose Kit
Normal hole for vegetables and wheatgrass
Large hole for pulpy fruits
Crush screen for soaked grains and beans
Tampers: 1 plastic and 1 wooden
Special Magnetized 1 liter jug which prevents high build up of froth
extra end cap
one vegetable juicer cleaning brush

10 year Limited warranty on parts and labor.

Dimensions: 16 inches length x 7.5 inches width X 11 inches height.

Choose from White or Black

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