Samson Green Power KPE1301 - 1305 Vegetable Knob



The Vegetable knob for Green Power models KPE1301 through KPE1305 juicers comes in two styles.  

The end of the knob on all styles has 6 ridges.  There is a difference between the KPE1301 model and the KPE1303, 1304 and 1305 models.

Style Types: 

1) The Winged version is generally for the KPE1303, KPE1304, KPE1305 models.

Two of the 6 ridges are extended (or longer) (newer models.) 

2) Standard version is generally for the KPE1301 model. 

This version has 6  identical in shaped and sized ridges (earlier models.) - This knob is generally for the KPE1301 model.

See the picture to see the difference between the 2 versions of the knob to choose the one you need for your model of juicer.

Select the version you need before adding the knob to the cart.