Tribest Sedona Combo Food Dehydrator 9 SS Trays SD-9150-B



Food Dehydrator

Code: 9150SS

This Tribest Sedona Combo 9 tray food dehydrator comes with 9 stainless steel trays. 

   Each fan in the dual fan system runs independently from each other. Plus, this food dehydrator has a removable BPA free center divider. You can put the divider in any slot that a tray will fit in. You can make two drying chambers. If you put the divider in the middle of the food dehydrator and put food in, say the bottom section. You can run the bottom fan to save electricity.

Digital Controls:
The computerized LED Control / Display on the front panel is a digital display. It is strategically located on the front of the dehydrator for your convince.

The auto shut off timer on this Sedona food dehydrator can be set up to 99 hours. The timer will automatically pause when the door is opened and resume when it is closed.

A Unique Feature on the Tribest Sedona Food dehydrator SD-S9000-B are:

The two Stage Sequential Temperature Timer which gives you more control of the drying process. The food dehydrator and food starts out cold in the beginning.  This dehydrator warms up quickly, then the food it will turn the temperature to the set temperature before the food reaches a temperature that would kill the enzymes you want to preserve. The temperature / timer allows you to set the food dehydrator temperature higher to kick start the dehydrating process then the dehydrator will automatically lower the temperature to finish the drying process. This change in temperature will dry your foods faster. The Sedona dehydrator does it with out raising the internal temperature of the food above the raw temperature. 

It is best to start dehydrating high water content fruits and vegetables at a higher initial temperature.  This prevents the produce from starting the fermentating process and reduces the possibility of oxidization. It takes high water content produce more time to reach a higher internal temperature.  The Sedona Food dehydrator Combo maintains the higher temperature for a couple of hours. Then the food dehydrator switches to a lower temperature for the remainder of the drying period. The dehydrator's computer adjusts the temperature automatically to maintain an ideal temperature.

BPA and PTFE Free:
The Tribest Sedona Combo Food dehydrator has a BPA and PTFE free body and stainless steel trays.

Special Features:
The food dehydrator comes with a BPA free chamber divider tray. You can use or not use the food dehydrator.  You use when you use one fan/motor assembly and 5 trays or less.

Fan Motor Assemblies:
The Sedona food dehydrator has 2 fan/motor assemblies.  They can be used independent of each other. You can use 4 or 5 trays and one fan/motor for small loads. This is an energy saving feature. Plus, small batches will dehydrate faster in a small compartment.  Run 2 fan/motor assemblies for 5 to 9 trays. Each of the Sedona food dehydrator fan/motor assemblies use 300 watts each.

Quiet Operation:
The Sedona line of food dehydrators have a quiet operation mode which makes the fan or fans run slower.  This feature is perfect for running the food dehydrator at night. Running the quiet mode will extend the drying time a little.

It includes a detachable power cord.

The Tribest provides a 5 Year  Manufacturer Warranty.

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Plastic Tray Code: SDP9150

Stainless Steel Tray Code: SDS9150