Soybella SoyMilk Maker and Tofu Kit SB-132




Soyabella SB-132 Soy milk Maker makes grain and nut milks like soy,  almond and cashew in 15 minutes.

You heat hot water with this soy milk maker for instant soups, coffee and tea.

The Soy Milik Maker makes rice paste and it will grind and mill grains and coffee beans and it comes with a Tofu Maker Kit and Stainless Steel lid.

The safety features include an overflow sensor, dry run sensor, over heat sensor and the blade will not spin unless the inside unit is closed.

The heating element is fully enclosed for safety and ease of cleaning.

The micro-processor adjusts the temperature and the cooking time for you and it conveniently tells you when it is done with a green light indicator.

The 750 watts motor spins the soy blade spins at 11,000 RPM.

The chamber is stainless steel  and holds 1.3 liters (about 1 quart).

The SB132 model comes with:
past and milk screens
cleaning pad and brush for cleaning the screen
measuring cup
grinding cup
utility cup

2 year warranty

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From soymilk to soups, Soybella SoyMilk Maker and Tofu Kit SB-132 is the perfect source for a healthy diet. Use this high performance equipment to make grain and nut milks in a matter of minutes. Click to place your order.

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