The Spiralizer! book has gluten and dairy free recipes.

Spiralizers are ever growing in popularity. They are an exciting kitchen gadget that slices fruits and vegetables into spaghetti slices for raw and cooked dishes.

Creating delicious dishes made solely from spiralized vegetables is ideal for people who are following a gluten free, low carb or raw food diet.  This is also a wonderful too for anyone who wants to maintain their weight or wants to make creative meals. You can use the Spiralizer for garnishes, salads, or main dishes.

You can make thin spaghetti like strands to thick noodles with a Spiralizer for recipes that can be served for breakfasts, lunches, dinners or snacks.

The Spiralizer book features both cooked and raw dishes.  

The best fruits and vegetables that lend themselves to the Spiralizer technique include:
apples ▪ beets ▪ carrots ▪ celeriac ▪ cucumbers ▪ daikon fennel ▪ jicama ▪ kohlrabi ▪ onions ▪ papayas ▪ parsnips ▪ pears ▪ plantains ▪ potatoes ▪ radishes ▪ rutabagas ▪ root vegetables ▪ sweet potatoes ▪ winter squash ▪ yellow squash ▪ zucchini

This Spiralizer! book includes information on different types of spiralizers and how they operate.

It is illustrated with photos.

64 pages

Published 2015