Sumatra Gayo Mountain Organic Coffee Fair Trade



Fair Trade and Organic Coffee

This coffee is certified to be Fair Trade and Organic. Each  farmer and their community benefit greatly from each sale of this high quality coffee.

This organic coffee is tended to by a community of Sumatran farmers. It is grown and processed in accordance with strictly Indonesian regulated practices. It is cultivated, harvested and naturally processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  

Flavor Profile and Roast

It is medium dark roast with a clean, full body and deep, rich flavor that has a little spice to it.  This coffee does not have an unpleasant or bitter aftertaste. It is a low acid coffee.

Where This Coffee is Grown

Grown in the Gayo Mountains of Sumatra for a unique Indonesian flavor that is sweeter and less bitter than the "Black Satin" Indonesian coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Shipping?

All of our coffees ship with a flat $9.95 shipping no matter how many different flavors, varieties or pounds you buy at one time that are shipped to one address. So pull your friends together and place one order for everyone to save on shipping per person. For an example, ten people ordering one bag of coffee each in one order going to one address will cost less than a $1.00 per person for the shipping.

When is My Coffee Roasted?

We roast your coffee after we receive your order to insure you receive the freshest coffee possible. We do not roast coffee on Saturday or Sunday, so coffee orders received Friday will be roasted on Monday. We ship your coffee via FedEx the day after it has been roasted. We do not ship coffee to a P.O. Box.  We will email the tracking number to you once we receive it from our roaster.

Can I Store My Coffee in the Bag it Came in?

You will receive your coffee in a sealed bag with a one way air valve. The valve is important because coffee releases gases for about 3 days after it has been roasted. These gasses need to escape the bag. You can store your coffee in the same bag if you seal the bag closed tightly and use the whole bag with in one week. If you purchase more coffee than you will use in one week, we suggest you read our article on "How to Store Coffee" for more suggestions.