Sweet Utopia Vegan Desserts Cookbook



Sweet Utopia is a collection of simply stunning vegan desserts. These vegan desserts are lactose, cholesterol and saturated fat free. Feel free to indulge in vegan desserts with out dairy products.

Sharon Valencik is the author of  this Sweet Utopia vegan desserts cookbook.  She demystifies baking vegan desserts with more than 130 vegan desserts recipes. She includes, scrumptious cookies, decadent cakes, rich cheesecakes, memory evoking pies, velvety puddings, and many more luscious vegan desserts.

Sweet Utopia Vegan Desserts includes many mouth watering photos to delight your eyes.

These vegan desserts replilcates the same delicious textures and flavors of their dairy counter part favorites. These vegan desserts are free of all animal products and are cholesterol-free, have little saturated fat and leave a small ecological footprint.

Sharon's vegan desserts are not complicated to make. She uses ingredients you can find at your local store. Her instructions and expert tips are easy to follow and show you how to create egg free cakes that rise, creamy fillings without dairy milk or cream, and moist cookies that are rich in flavor without using butter.

Make Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting, Coconut Tiramisu, Gingerbread Guys, decadent Cheesecake, Lemon Berry Tart, Chocolate Mousse, Cappuccino Custard, Fudgy Chip Cookies, Pudding Parfaits, and Three layer Cheesecake Bars.

You will enjoy sweet success with this collection of vegan desserts.

192 pages
Published 2009