Dynablend Horsepower Plus



The Tribest Blender Horsepower Plus DB-850G has been discontinued and replaced by the new version DB-950A which has a metal motor clutch and blade assembly.

This Tribest Blender Dynablend Horsepower Plus is Model DB-850G. It is a high power Tribest Blender that will take care of all of your blending jobs.  The Tribest Blender is a stylish, High Power machine that will look great in any kitchen.

The Tribest Blender Model DB-850G  comes with a heavy duty glass Jar. You can't find many blenders that come with a glass jar.  The glass jar will not cloud unlike some plastic jars.

You also get a stainless steel scoop / food pusher with this Tribest Blender.  The scoop / pusher has a collar to prevent the scoop from hitting the Tribest Blender blades. The scoop helps you serve thick foods like smoothies.

The motor of the Tribest Blender has 1.1 horse power and it turns up to a maximum of 23,000 revolutions per minute. The high speed the Tribest Blender achieves brakes down the fibers in y our food to make it easier to digest.

The Tribest Blender Dynablend® is unlike any other blending machine on the market with the variable speed control and 3 preprogrammed buttons that makes blending easy. You turn the knob to choose how fast you want the Tribest Blender Dynablend Horespwoer Plus to run. Turn the speed up or turn the speed down, you have full control of the Tribest Blender.  Or, you can choose from one of the 3 preprogrammed buttons.  One of the Tribest Blender buttons is a 60 second blending mode. The Tribest Blender will automatically turn off when 60 seconds is up. There is the 30 second auto pulse mode.  It turns the Tribest Blender on and off over a period of 60 seconds.  The purpose of this pulse mode is to allow air bubbles to dislodge and come to the surface. The Tribest Blender give you more efficient blending when the air bubbles don't create an air pocket in the Tribest Blender Jar. And there is the 60 second combo preset button. This button is for when you want a combination of high speed, slow speed and pauses to release the air pockets with in the Tribest Blender jar.

The Tribest Blender Dynablend Horsepower Plus Features are:

The Tribest Blender has a stainless steel body.

A variable speed control on the Tribest Blender can be run from a very low speed to a very high speed.

The Tribest Blender has 3 preset settings for your most used blending Jobs.

The Tribest Blender has a blinking LED Light to let you know when it is plugged in and the LED Light remain on solid when you are using the programmed buttons.

The Tribest Blender has an on / off switch so you can be assured the machine is off when you want it off.

The glass jar that comes with this Tribest Blender is very unique to modern blender these days.

You get a 10 Year Tribest Blender Warranty.

The Tribest Blender Weighs:    11 lbs.
And the Dimensions are 6 W x 16 H x 6 D with the jar on the Tribest Blender.  At 16 inches tall with the jar on, the Tribest Blender will easily fit under your top kitchen cabinet.

Dynablend Horsepower Plus is a registered trade mark of the Tribest Blender company and is being used with Dynablend Horsepower Plus (a registered trade mark of the Tribest Blender)  permission and we are a Tribest Blender authorized dealer.

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