Tribest FruitStar Juicer


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We no longer sell the Tribest FruitStar Juicer FS-610. Click HERE it see our complete selection of citrus fruit juicers and click HERE to see our complete selection of up right and horizontal auger juicers.

The Tribest FruitStar Juicer FS-610 will juice fruits, soft vegetables and some chopped vegetables.

All Tribest FruitStar parts are BPA free.

The Tribest FruitStar Juicer single , vertical auger juicer. The motor in the TribestĀ  FruitStar is 240 watts. Beware of the competitors 150 watt motors. The auger turns at 80 rpm. This slow speed will not destroy nutrients.

The Tribest FruitStar is a great alternative to a Centrifugal Juicer which operates at a high speed. The Tribest FruitStar is easy to assemble and clean.

You get a little pulp in your juice with the Tribest FruitStar.

Features of the Tribrst FruitStar:
Made of BPA Free plastics including the Ultem Auger
240 Watt Motor
Slow turning auger at 80 RPMs
Heavy Duty, made to last long
Pulp wiping blades reduces the risk of clogging
The Tribest FruitStar has a convenientĀ  handle for easy carrying
Safety Switch prevents it from operating when not fully assembled

The Tribest FruitStar comes with a hand-sieve for removing all pulp.

10 Year Warranty on the Tribest FruitStar Juicer

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