Tribest Green Star Juicer 1000




The Green Star Juicer 1000 is the basic twin gear juicer that will juice fruits, vegetables and wheaatgrass. It is superb at juicing wheatgrass with out jamming.  It will give you very dry produce pulp. It comes with a homogenizing blank for making frozen fruit desserts and nut butters.

Use the Green Star Juicer 1000 for producing a high quality juice with minimal pulp. It crushes the produce instead of cutting.  Cutting causes your juice to oxidize. The crushing action of this juicer will not promote oxidization.

The 1000 model will juice hard root vegetables, soft fruits and leafy greens.  Even though it is the  basic juicer model you can also process other foods and make almond paste,  date paste, fruit purees, and baby food from cooked vegetables.

It includes the basic juicing and food processing parts. Some accessories that are not used by some people are not included like the coarse screen to allow more pulp through, strainer screen to remove all of the pulp and drip tray which the  2000 model includes. The 3000 model includes everything the 1000 and 2000 models have plus it includes a breadstick attachment and a pasta attachment.

All GreenStar models are simple to use and easy to clean.

The motor turns at 100 RPM with 190 Watts of power

The duty stainless steel twin gear are efficient at juicing and grinding.
Each gear has 24 grooves and teeth. There are pockets designed into the gears to make it easy to crush hard vegetables. The special cutting points make juicing stringy vegetables like wehatgrass and celery easy with out clogging the machine.

There is a Nylon Safety Buffer to prevent the gears from producing stainless steel shavings fro developing. This buffer keeps the Juicer gears 4/1000 of an inch apart at all times.

It uses magnetic technology in the gears to draw out more nutrients. Special magnets make the juice retain more nutrients for a healthier juice. These magnets are in the core of each gear.

Dimensions: 6.5"w x 12"h x 18.5"d.

The weight of the Green Star Juicer with the juicing parts on is about 20 pounds.

It has a built in carrying handle and the cord stores in the machine.

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Fine Screen
Glass Pitcher
Homogenizing Blank
Wooden Plunger
Plastic Plunger
Cleaning Brush



Add the GreenStar Pasta Kit to your order and you will be making pasta the day it arrives.  The kit comes with a pasta attachment, pasta screen, pasta screw and the pasta guide.


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