Tribest Green Star Juicer 3000




What comes with the Green Star Juicer 3000?  The 3000 model includes everything the 2000 model has plus you get the Breadstick and pasta attachments. The 300 model has it all. Here is a list of everything the Green Star Juicer 300 comes with:
Fine Screen
Glass Pitcher
Homogenizing Blank
Wooden Plunger
Plastic Plunger
Cleaning Brush
Plus the Green Star Juicer Deluxe Upgrade Kit:
Coarse screen
Drip Tray
Breadstick (rice cake)attachment
Pasta Attachment

You can juice hard root vegetable,  soft fruits and leafy greens with the Green Star Juicer 3000. It will also make frozen desserts, cashew, peanut, and almond butters, baby food, date paste and so much more. Plus, with the 3000 model you can make bread sticks and extrude pasta.

The fine screen removes most pulp, the coarse screen leaves minimal pulp in and the strainer removes all pulp from your juice.

Comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning.

Pressure Knob
A turn of the pressure knob gives you control over the gears crushing power. Soft fruits need less pressure and hard vegetables need more pressure.  You have control.

The gears turn at 110 RPM  with the 190 Watt motor.

Twin Gears
Has heavy duty stainless steel twin gears. These twin gears are made of surgical stainless steel and are designed for efficient juicing and grinding.

Each of the 24 toothed grooves, per gear, mesh together with in 4/1000 of an inch of each other. There will be no metal shavings in your juice because of the Nylon Safety Buffers. The gear cutting teeth make juicing stringy vegetables like wheatgrass, celery and kale easy to juice without clogging the machine.

The pockets gaps in the gears aid in juicing your fruits and vegetables. The pockets reduce the strain on the motor making your machines motor last long.

Bio-Ceramic Technology
The Bio-ceramic Technology prevents oxidation in your juice. You can store your juice in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours while retaining the nutrients with out oxidation.

Magnetic Technology
The magnetic technology is unique to the Tribest GreenStar machines. This technology draws more nutrients out the produce than other juicers.

Special magnets located in the core of each gear makes the finished juice product reabsorb more minerals.

How it works:
A series of focused in line magnets create a magnetic field of 2600 Gauss between the gears where the juice passes through. Clusters of water molecule in the juice opened during the crushing process, allowing minerals that exited the pulp to re-enter the juice. This process gives you more minerals and nutrients than what is produced in juicers with out the magnetic technology. The minerals remain in a suspended form within your juice.

Cord and Handle
It comes with permanently attached handle and the cord stores in the juicer.

6.5 w x 12 h x 18.5 d inches.

5 Year Tribest warranty


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