Tribest Personal Blender PB150A - BPA Free



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The Tribest  Personal Blender PB150 is perfect for 1 to 2 people.  It is the ideal size making 1 -2 servings. The Personal Blender in compact enough you can take with you on trips. Use it in a hotel or in a RV.

As of 5/8/17 we no longer carry the Tribest PB-150 Personal Blender.

The Personal Blender is easy to use. It operates by pressing down on the jar to pulse it or you lock the jar to the Personal Blender motor base by pressing down and twisting jar slightly clock wise. You get continuous grinding or blending when you lock the jar to the motor base.. To stop the Personal Blender from operating, just give the jar a little twist counter clock wise. Once the motor has stopped turning the blade, you can remove the jar from the Personal Blender base.

The Tribest Personal Blender PB150 is intended for making baby food, purees, crush ice for drinks, make smoothies, nut butters, salad dressings, hummus and much more.  If you want to grind seeds and coffee beans, we recommend purchasing the PB250 or PB350 Personal Blender macnines.  These Personal Blender machines come with a grinding blade.

All Tribest Personal Blender machines have BPA free parts.  Even the strong, high impact blending containers are BPA Free. The blending jars are made from Polyester, break resistant plastic.

You get (1) 16 ounce Personal Blender jar, (1) travel sipping lid taking your drink any where you go and (1) lid for storing your left over food for later.

The PB150 Personal Blender is intended for blending fruits and vegetables for making smoothies, soups, sauces and pureed foods like hummus.

The Tribest Personal Blender comes with a long power cord. The power cord is permanently attached to the Personal Blender base.

The PB150 Tribest Personal Blender Owners Manual gives you complete use and care instructions. The manual includes 40 recipes that are ideal for using in this Personal Blender. These recipes include puddings, salsas, soups, pureed foods like baby food, dips and more.

This Personal Blender operates with 200 watts, 60 Hz and 120 volts for use in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The Tribest Personal Blender PB-150 measures 13.4 inches high x 21.7 inches wide x 15.8 inches deep.

The Personal Blender weighs only 3.7 pounds. This is not the Personal Blender shipping weight.

It comes with a 1 year limited warranty by Tribest.

We also sell the Tribest PB-250A Personal Blender model which comes with 2 blade assemblies, one for blending and one for grinding. Plus you get (2) 8 oz jars and (2) 16 oz jars, a sip lid and 3 storage lids.  And there is the Tribest Personal Blender PB350 that comes with Mason jars and Mason jar adapter bands. Click here to read more about the PB350 Personal Blender.

The $8.00 flat shipping rate on the Personal Blender PB-150 is a VeggieSensations exclusive offer. We ship the Personal Blender by either FedEx or UPS. We choose the shipping carrier. Flat shipping does not apply to other products unless they also state they have $8.00 flat shipping. We will collect $8.00 for each Tribest Personal Blender PB-150 you purchase.

We also sell the Tribest Personal Blender PB250A and the Tribest Peraonal Blender PB350. The PB150 Personal Blender has fewer accessories and the PB250 and PB-350 Personal Blender have.

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