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This Tribest Sedona Express Food Dehydrator is the world’s first full featured food dehydrator with a compact footprint.

The Sedona Express SD-6780 comes with 11 stainless steel food dehydrator trays.The Body is made from a BPA free plastic that is not flammable.

The heating and timer system is an advanced Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST).  This TST enables this food dehydrator to get the best results for all your dehydrating needs.

The food dehydrator TST feature reduce drying time and retains the enzymes in the foods you dry.  The food dehydrator TST feature allows you to kick start the drying process. It starts the food dehydrator at a higher temperature when in the FAST mode. The dehydrator will warm up to a higher temperature for the first few hours, then the food dehydrator will automatically switch to a lower temperature in the RAW mode to finish off the dehydrating process. This TST feature ensures the temperature of the food does not go above the desired level still maintain the raw value of nutrients and enzymes. The results are nutrient packed, dehydrated foods every time.

You can dry fruits, vegetables, meats, crackers and more with this Sedona food dehydrator.  This food dehydrator has a single central fan that ensures even airflow and rapid dehydrating.

The Tribest Sedona Express allows you to set the food dehydrator temperature to what you want and time you want it on with the easy to use  digital controls. It has never been this easy dry foods ever before.

You get easy to use control, 11 stainless steel food dehydrator trays, auto shut off timer and a powerful fan without sacrificing important kitchen counter space.

Another great feature this dehydrator has is a resealable air filter. You can wash it and use it again and again. The air filter allows clean air to enter the food dehydrator insuring the food you are drying in the Sedonna Express food dehydrator remains clean.

The food dehydrator dimensions are 12" wide x 14" high x 17.5" deep.

You get one solid stainless steel tray to collect crumbs and for easy cleaning the food dehydrator.

The maximum temperature the Sedona Express Food Dehydrator reaches is 167 degrees.

This stylish food dehydrator incluses a glass door that is hinged on the left. This makes it easy to load and unload the food dehydrator. You can also see the food in the dehydrator with out opening the door.

The internal LED lights illuminate the inside of the food dehydrator to make viewing easier.

The body of the food dehydrator is made from Non-flammable and BPA-Free Plastic.

The Sedona Express food dehydrator comes with a 10 year Tribest warranty.

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