Tribest Sedona Classic Food Dehydrator SD-P9000



The Tribest Sedona Classic SD-P9000 food dehydrator is a programmable food dehydrator. You can use 1 or both fan/heating elements for drying foods.  You can divide the interior of the food dehydrator into 2 sections. More about this below. You can use 1 to 9 drying trays. The timer will automatically turn the food dehydrator off when the drying time is up. The digital technology used in this Sedona food dehydrator is unsurpassed.

BPA FREE Tribest Food Dehydrator is BPA Free
All of the plastic parts in this food dehydrator are BPA Free.

It comes with 9 plastic food dehydrator trays or 9 stainless steel trays, it is your choice. Each tray measures 15.5 x 13 inches.

The Excalibur brand of Food dehydrator Premium and Ultra no stick sheets are 14×14 inches. They can be cut to fit the Sedona plastic trays.

It operates with 300 watts of power when using 1 food dehydrator fan and 600 watts when using of the fans.

The Sedona food dehydrator has a removable power cord.

Tribest Sedona Food Dehydrator twin fansEach heating element/fan set can be run independently or at the same time.
This Sedona food dehydrator has two heating elements with their own heat sensors and their own fan.

Heated air is distributed evenly throughout the food dehydrator and managed more accurately by having 2 heating/fan systems.
A blinking icon on the front of the food dehydrator identifies which heating element and fan is active.

The Sedona food dehydrator can be divided into 2 compartments by inserting the provided solid divider.

Use the top food dehydrator compartment when you use 1 -5 trays .

Use both of the food dehydrator fan/heater sets at the same time when using 6 -9 trays.

The solid food dehydrator divider fits into positions 4 or 5 and take the place of a try.

You can set the temperature of each food dehydrator compartment at a different temperature.

You will save energy if you run  the food dehydrator on the quiet mode at night.  The food dehydrator fan(s) will run slower. This may increase the dehydrating time, but the food dehydrator will run quietly.

The display on the food dehydrator makes it easy to set the temperature accurately for the perfect temperature you need.

The control panel displays the temperature of the inside of the food dehydrator.

You set the food dehydrator with press buttons.

Timer/Auto Shut Off
You can set the food dehydrator to automatically turn off automatically any time up to 99 hours.

During set the Sedona food dehydrator displays the hours you set it to,  then it will display the drying hours that remain.

You know the timer has stopped ehen the dot on the time display is not list.

The digital display tells what the air temperature is inside the food dehydrator. You can choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.

You can set the food dehydrator temperature between 86 and 155 degrees F.

Glass Door
This food dehydrator is unique because it has a see through glass door.

Digital Temperature Control
This digital temperature setting system is easy to set and maintain in the Sedona food dehydraror because each heater/fan set are monitored by their own sensor.   

Compact Design
The Sedona food dehydrator fits in a space a microwave oven fits into.

Air Vents
The Sedona food dehydrator is designed with multiple air vents. This creates even drying and efficient air circulation/

Sedona provides a 5 year manufacturer warranty on this food dehydrator.

You get an owner/operating manual with the food dehydrator.

The 1 Cent shipping on this food dehydrator is via FedEx Ground to the 48 Continental States (not including Alaska and Hawaii). It does not apply to other products bought at the same time unless they also have 1 cent shipping.

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