Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DVD



Vegan Fitness Built Naturally is a 93 minute DVD.

This vegan fitness DVD will play an important part in any vegan's health and athletic performance. It is inspirational. A great motivator for those who what to improve their health and athletic abilities.

Vegan Fitness Built Naturally features the author of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, Robert Cheeke and Brendan Brazier who is a professional Ironman triathlete and Tonya Kay a professional dancer.

The DVD covers all areas of their lives including what they eat for good nutrition, where they shop for groceries, their meal preparation, their training programs and vegan fitness lifestyles.

You will learn how to become a successful vegan athlete. The goal is for you to become healthier, improve the sustainability of our earth and find a new zest for life. The Vegan Fitness Built Naturally DVD introduces you to a fit and healthy vegan lifestyle including food and exercise.

93 minutes

Published 2006