Vegetable Starter Culture



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VeggieSensations had discontinued the Caldwell's Starter Culture 6/2016.

This Caldwell's Starter Culture is vegan.

Caldwell is dedicated to preserving traditions through science. This starter culture was developed specifically for vegetables. This starter culture science is based on 15 years of research and development in large scale organic fermentation with Agi-Food and Agriculture Canada. Caldwell has gain wonderful information on the science of starter culture and lacto fermentation. The science of starter culture includes knowing the quantities, types and proportions of bacterial strains required to produce the best starter culture for your vegetables.

Caldwell removed all trace quantities of milk power from the starter culture to include vegans in the wonderful opportunity of fermenting vegetables with a milk free starter culture.

The starter culture includes living active bacteria that produces consistently successful results with fermenting vegetables. Plus, the starter culture enhances the crispness and taste of the vegetables.


The starter culture is certified to be organic by the USDA.

Caldwell started making starter culture on a large scale for commercial use. Now they include this package that It is easy to make homemade sauerkraut, pickles and other fermented vegetables with Caldwell's Starter Culture.

It is recommended you refrigerate the starter culture for best results.

The starter culture box includes 6 pouches. Each pouch of starter culture makes 4.5 pounds of fermented vegetables.

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