Victorio Apple Peeler - Clamp VKP1011



Victorio Apple Peeler is a clamp style apple peeler.

Clamps to any surface that is 2 inches thick or less.

This apple peeler will peel potatoes with ease.

The adjustable blade allows you to only peel or use the core/slice blade alone to remove the core while slicing. You can use both blades of the apple peeler at the same time to slice, peel and core all at once.


  • The apple peeler has a Clamp on base fits 2 inch or thinner counter or table
  •  A rubber pad prevents scratching the surface the surface it is attached to
  •  Peel and or slice and core
  •  Cast iron frame for durability

Warranted from factory defects for 5 years

If you need an apple peeler that does not clam to your counter you will like the apple peeler that attaches to your counter top with a suction cup.