Victorio Apple Peeler - Suction Cup VKP1010



Victorio VKP1010 suction style apple peeler attaches to a smooth counter or table.

This Victorio apple peeler is made of coated cast iron. The cutting blade  stainless steel and the shaft is chrome.

The apple peeler makes peeling fruits  and vegetables quick and easy for making pies and canning.  It cores and slices in one quick operation.

It  will cut even 1/4 inch thick slices, a perfect size for dehydrating, canning or pies.

The apple peeler is adjustable so you can remove more or less of the peel. Plus, the peeling blade is removable for slices with the peel on. The 2 in 1 coring and slicing blade can also be removed when you want to remove only the skins for potatoes.

The apple peeler peeling blade conforms to the shape of the produce you are peeling with a tension spring.

This apple peeler has a very long body to accommodate a large potato.

The suction cup base on the apple peeler attaches to any smooth counter or table top.

The apple peeler dimensions are 5.25 H x 12.5 W x 4 D inches.

Comes with a 5 yr warranty.

If you need a clamp style apple peeler, we sell the Victorio clamping style apple peeler which clamps to the edge of a counter top or table.